Tips to Keep your Personal Information Personal

It’s sad, but true. There are some people online who are out searching for a way to steal your information. Maybe they want your online banking login. Or maybe they just want to watch what websites you use. Whatever their goal may be, there are some simple yet effective steps you can take to protect yourself from online piranhas.

Password protect your WiFi. And please, do not use the same password you use for everything else. Follow best practices for selecting a password and avoid easily-guessed information (like your street address, pet’s name, or birthday). Try using your favorite movie, a funny phrase, or a song title. Then swap out some letters for special characters or numbers (w@t3rmel0n is different than watermelon, right?).

Download those security updates! We know – they’re a pain. They can take too long or only need updating when you REALLY need to use it. But these are some of the updates that keep you safe, so whether it’s apps on your phone, browsers on your computer, operating system on any electronic devices, firmware on your camera doorbell – take the few minutes and update when prompted. You’ll be happy you did.

Get antivirus software. Seriously, just do it. It’s like locking your door at night – but for your devices. Keep bad things out and your devices running properly. It will save you time, trouble, and money down the road.

Enable multifactor authentication (where you can). Many devices now give you the ability to use biometric confirmation (your fingerprint of facial scan), if you have a device that offers these features – turn them on. Other ways to make sure it is you accessing your information it to utilize callbacks, security pins, or tokens.

Uninstall what you don’t use. The more ‘stuff’ you have on a device the more you open yourself up to fraudsters. If you have apps or programs that you don’t use often, uninstall them. Many companies offer online access as well, so you could visit a website instead of installing on your device.


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